Historical European Combat Masters
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Year Region Author Title Original Language English Available? SCA Rapier SCA C&T One handed sword Two handed sword Misc Other Weapons Notes
1295 Germany Anonymous I.33 German "The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: A Facsimile & Translation of Europe's Oldest Personal Combat Treatise, Ro Yal Armouries MS I.33 (Royal Armouries Monograph)" by Jeffrey L. Forgeng  -ALSO- "Medieval Sword and Shield" by Paul Wagner and Stephen Hand ? y y     sword and buckler
1389 Germany Johannes Liechtenauer Untitled German only portions survive through Liecht. Tradition Masters           Starts Liecht. Tradition
1410 Italy Fiore dei Liberi Flower of Battle Italian "A Sword in Two Hands" by Brian Price and many other internet interpretations ? y y y y Starts Fiore Tradition
1425 Germany Hans Talhoffer Ambrasser codex German "Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Manual of Swordfighting and Close-Quarter Combat" by Hans Talhoffer ? y y y y Liecht. Tradition Master
1440 Germany Sigmund Ringeck Commentaries on Leichtenauer German "Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art of the Longsword" by David Lindholm and Peter Svard  ? y y y y Liecht. Tradition Master
1450 Germany Anonymous Codex Wallerstien German illustrations only     y y y  
1482 Italy Filippo Valdi On the Gladiatorial Art of fighting Italian "Vadi, Filippo. De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi" translated by Luca Porzio and Gregory Mele   y y y y Fiore Tradition Master
1536 Italy Achille Marozzo New Text on the Art of Arms Italian some interpretation in "The Teachings of Marozzo By Giovanni Rapisardi Edited By William E. Wilson" y y y y y Early Bolognese Master
1553 Italy Camillo Agrippa The Science of Arms Italian some internet translation sites y y y     Possible inspiration for Spanish styles
1570 Germany Joachim Meyer A Thorough Description of the Free Knightly and Noble Art of Fencing German "The Art of Combat: A German Martial Arts Treatise of 1570" by Joachim Meyer and Jeffrey L. Forgeng  y y y y y  
1612 Germany Jacob Sutor A New Fencing Book German some internet translation sites y y y y y  
1570 Italy Giacomo di Grassi His True Art Italian Bad 1594 english interpretation on the internet y y y y y Basis for SCA Rapier styles
1572 Italy Giovanni dall'Agocchie Dell'Arte Discrimia Italian Internet translations available at Marozzo.org (William Wilson, Tatershall) and SalvatorFabris.com (Tom Leoni and Steven Reich, Order of the Seven Hearts) y y y y y Last of the Bolognese Masters
1573 France Henry de Sainct Didier Treaty containing the secrets of the first book on the single sword French some internet translation sites; one english translation freely available y y y     Only pre-1600 French master
1582 Spain Jerónimo Sánchez de Carranza Philosophy of the arms Spanish some internet translation sites y y y     references Agrippa
1594 Italy Vincentio Saviolo His Practice in Two Books English original y y y      
1599 England George Silver Paradoxes of Defence English original, also "MASTER OF DEFENCE - The Works of George Silver" by Paul Wagner ? y y y    
1605 England George Silver Brief Instruction Upon My Paradoxes fo Defence English original, also "MASTER OF DEFENCE - The Works of George Silver" by Paul Wagner ? y y      
1606 Italy Salvator Fabri Sience and Practice of Arms Italian "ART OF DUELING - Salvatore Fabris" translated by Tommaso Leoni y y y     Taught in Denmark, Copenhagen, tretise was a European best seller
1606 Italy Nicoletto Giganti School or Theater Italian some internet translation sites y y y      
1610 Italy Ridolfo Capo Ferro Great Representation of the Art and use of Fencing Italian "Italian Rapier Combat: Ridolfo Capo Ferro" by Jared Kirby  y y y      
1617 England Joseph Swetnam The School of the Noble and Worthy Science English original y y y      
? - indicates that a greatly reduced interpretation of this system can be used in SCA Rapier: edge blows must beturned into soft draw cuts
SCA/Midrealm Teachers
Liechtenauer Tradition Baron Warder AElfred
  Warder Uadahlrich
  Master Warder Christian
Fiore Tradition Warder Marco
Marrozo Master Warder Phillipe
  Warder Marco
Meyer Master Warder Christian
di Grassi Master Warder Christian
  Warder Marco
dall'Agocchie Sir LOGOS
Didier Master Warder Phillipe
  Master Warder Fiskr - Northshield
Saviolo Warder Zygmunt
  Master Warder Phillipe
Silver Baron Warder AElfred
  Warder Martyn
Fabris Sir LOGOS
Giganti Sir LOGOS
Capo Ferro Sir LOGOS
  Warder Anton
  Warder Marco
Swetnam Baron Warder AElfred